about us


You can find anything in New York, well almost – but try to find a vast selection of good quality, contemporary fashion and accessories for a commercial shoot for 120 people, and then see how you feel – schlepping hundreds of big, heavy shopping bags from Banana Republic to H&M, to Gap, to Bloomindales to Century 21 and back again!


And the returns with those transparent lame excuses: “Oh, my mother did not like it” or “My husband gained weight” or “The kids grew taller than I thought”. FYI: Stylists beware – a number of large department stores are tightening their return policies.


What if you could go to one place to get what you need easily and in a helpful, friendly environment complete with wireless internet access, a sofa and refreshments. You can have your messenger or assistant pick up and drop off without the hassle and anxiety of returns being refused.

The nightmare is over because we have established a fashion/lifestyle/wardrobe rental showroom conveniently located in Manhattan’s Garment district on 29th Street between 7th and 8th avenue.


The best way for you to see what you have been missing is to come in and check it out in person. We’re here to help and assist you – so call for an appointment because you deserve our undivided attention. We hope to see you soon!


Showroom address:

306 west 38th street, 16th floor
new york, ny 10018
tel: 212 242 6120
fax: 212 242 6127
email: info@rrrentalsny.com