Q: Do I have to pay full rental if I need clothes for a test shoot?

A: Call us and we can talk about test shoot specials

Q: What if things need to be dry cleaned, do I have to pay extra?

A: Generally dry cleaning is included in the rental – considering not every single item is used on a shoot – we rather have you tell us which pieces need to be cleaned so we can take care about them and make sure everything you rent here is nice and clean – you yourself don’t want to be on set and discover something you rented from a prop house has its own b.o. – pooooh… so just tell us! Thanks (This is unless an enormous amount of dry cleaning needs to be done – in which case we will – as with all problems – find a sensible solution that we all can live with happily ever after!)

Q: Why should I pay a rental fee if I can easily go to a store, buy what I need, use it and than return it and save a bundle?

A: So it seems, but if it only was that easy … think about the shlep, the heavy bags, the lame excuses and furthermore: the time you spent! (not even talking about the messed up backs and the costs for accupuncture and massage). You never return everything that you buy anyhow, you always keep stuff, spend the money and do the extra work – so why not make your life easier and simply rent and return to the showroom without the hassle – try it out – you will experience how much easier your styling life will become – and how many more jobs (= money) you’ll be able to handle.

Q: Where do I go if I need a wool scarf in July or a bathing suit in January?

A: You should know by now! Come to rrrentals – of course!

Q: Can I borrrow outfits for a fitting or client approval?

A: Sure. We have a memo policy. Ask us.

Please don’t hesitate to ask ay questions!